To blur the distinction between function and art and alter the way objects and space are perceived.

• Cooper Union, School of Architecture,           NYC, New York
• North Carolina, School of the Arts,                 Winston Salem, NC

• Permanent Collection    [X2]                          New York Folk art museum
• Permanent Collection    [X2]                          Brooklyn Museum
• Permanent Collection    [X2]                          Newark Museum
• Permanent Collection                                      Duke University 
• SAM “Set the Table”                                        Seattle Art Museum
• Private collection                                             Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Private collection                                             Norton Collection

• ”Common Thread”, Gallery 903
• “Man Made”, Craft and Folk Art Museum
• “Pattern: Repeat”, Albrecht-Kemper Museum
• [Solo]Treatments”, Blu Dot
• “Man Made #3”, Island Quilter
• “MANifestation #12”, Rocky Mountain Quilt museum
• “21”, Prohibition Gallery
• [Solo] The Second Coming”, Island Quilter
• [Solo] By the beach", 1450 Ocean ave
• “Stitch Fetish”, The Hive Gallery
• “Art Quilt Exhibit”, Wheeling Artisan center
• [Solo] Quilt context”, Ohio University
• “alt_quilt”, American Folk art Museum
[Solo] “Too Legit to Quilt”, The BAC
[Solo] “Fabric Figures”,AccuQuilt
• “Needled”, Handmade in America
• “LUKE” The Muse
• Period Rooms, Brooklyn Museum
• “Beyond the Bed”, Katonah Museum
• “Boom City”, Dashboard
[Solo] "Identity and Social Context" Randal Gallery
• “Grand Opening” , City Target
[Solo] “FABRICated”,DaDe Art and Design
[Solo] “Quilt Artist: LUKE Haynes”, Folk Art Museum 
• [Solo] “The American Context”, Eli Alexander
[Solo] “My 100th Quilt”, Vermillion
• “Patchwork; Folk Art to Fine Art”, Newark Museum
• “Material Witnesses”, The Art Quilt Gallery
• “Push”, The Textile Arts Center
• “Quilts by Men”, Copper Shade Tree Gallery
• “The Banner Project”
[Solo] Man Made Quilts, The Bull
• “Men's Work” , The Box Factory
• “Mad Homes”, Mad Arts
• “Americana”, AA Gallery
• Opening show, Gallery 206 

• [Solo] ”Quilt Artist”, DUKE University
• ”Quilt by Association”, Gallery LUKE
• ”Gambol” Arts League Houston
[Solo] “To the Wall”, Cherryhearst House • Quilt Festival, 
• [Solo] “Bed Clothes”, Trabant
• “Men and the art of Quilt Making”
• “Innovation/Renovation”, Textile Museum
• “Cutting Edge” Textile Arts Center,
• “On the Wall & On the Floor” 360SEE,
[Solo]“Opening” , Gallery LUKE
[Solo]“Perspectives “ , Some space gallery
• Project Green River,
• “You are Here” Frank Bette Center for the Arts,
• “Quilted Portraits & Stitched Scenes” 360SEE,
[Solo]“American Nostalgia”, The C Gallery, "Patchwork Portraits" "Mind Blowing" "Ethnic influences" "Mad Skills"

PRESS [Selected]
• LA Times
• LA Weekly

• NY Times
• [Home page]
• KUOW, NPR Seattle

• Generation Q Magazine
[Cover] The Stranger
• King 5 news
• Seattle Times
[Cover] Fiber Arts
• Textile Forum
• Seattle Weekly
• Quilters Home
• Seattle Magazine
• Men and the art of quilt making • American Lifestyle Magazine
• Oxford Times, Oxford England
• Daily Info, Oxford England

"highly detailed, beautiful, and quirky" "The Collision between fine art and Craft" “Straight wrecking the quilting world” "Filed under A for Amazing"
“Evokes Delight”
“Wow, I’ve never seen that before” “Experimental”
“Great mastery”
“perched between craft and technology” “Not your typical artist”
"Best of 2011"
“Fabulous modern Quilter”
“utterly striking portraits”

“Quilt Artist” ”Best Of 2011” “Best of 2010” “Man Stuff”
“[His] art is his life”
“Luke Haynes has triumphed as a quilter” “a work of complete delight”

“transforms the comfortably familiar” “cutting edge of quilting art” “refracted fabric visions”
“Blurring the Distinctions.“

“bitchin stichin"