Teaching in Lithuania Day 1


I had the immense pleasure of teaching in Lithuania. I knew I had 18 students of various skill levels and majors, 5 sewing machines, and two days, all of which is slightly different than I am used to. 

I had the opportunity to think differently.

I decided that rather than each making a small project we can all participate on one larger project. that will allow us to put roughly 200 person hours into a single project rather than 15 into smaller individual projects. 

I will admit [after the fact] that I was nervous.

I find the transition from learning to teaching akin to that of child to adult. really there is no change, just one day you announce it and then people expect you to be more responsible. 

So we began. 

I had asked them all to bring clothing to cut up or yardage to add, so the quilt would be a conversation between the whole of the class and the textiles they wanted to incorporate. 

I showed them how to wrangle clothes into yardage and then we embarked on learning some traditional methods of piecing. I wanted to show them ways of creating traditional patchwork so they can get a sense of the how if they wanted to explore some more intricate piecing later. We also worked on creating some larger panels from strips of the fabrics we had to show ways of using multiple fabric types in the same project. 

The we as a class turned it into one big top. 

day one done. 



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