Opening at the Asheville art Museum

I had the honor to be in my home town for the opening of Man-Made at the Asheville art Museum. 

And so was my family. 

It was SO nice to be able to show my family what I have been up to for the past few years. A little known fact about be is that I dropped out of Architecture school [twice], which for a family of majorly traditional professions seems like one way ticket to bagging groceries. My family has been supportive, but I know a little unsure about what it means to spend all day sewing squares together and not even for a bed. 

To be invited back to Asheville, where I spent lots of high-school and to see my works on the wall and to have my family be around to take pictures with me [hi grandma!] was such a beautiful catharsis. Maybe they are still unsure what my actual job is, but at least they know more about what it is that I make/do. AND I was able to walk then through the pieces on the wall and share with them some of the ideas that went in to them further than the obvious.