Second quilt I made was a wedding present.

It's fun to write this blog because I get to look back at these projects. This was the second quilt I made. I made it while I was home for the summer from Architecture school. I went to the fabric store and bought the fabrics that I thought were super stellar! Of course batik. I bought what I thought was enough fat quarters then set to work assembling them.  [As you can see there weren't nearly enough.] I haven't looked at a picture of this in some time. I love that I used the Half Square triangle for the project. I recall spending a lot of time working on the geometry of this project and wanting to make sure there was a really great secondary pattern within the layout. Looking back now I see a pattern that I am very used to seeing in the vernacular of quilting, but at the time I knew very little about quilting so it was to me a great innovation. 

After making the "whole" top I measured and realized that it was WAYY too small for anyone's bed. apparently when you sew fabric together the seams decrease the size of the overall amount of fabric. hah! so I went back to the store and bought another fat quarter bundle and sewed it around 3 sides of the quilt. 

This was a present for my college roommate as he got married. After making it I spent so much time and money on it I really didn't want to part with it. Which means it's a good gift. If you have an emotional attachment to the present then you are giving some of your self with the object. 

Second quilt